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FRV 48 hour Parkinson's Challenge

To raise $27,000 for Parkinson's Victoria, while promoting our new FRV team as well as health and wellbeing in all FRV work locations

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The FRV 48 hour Parkinson's Challenge will be run over 2 days to capture all four platoons (5th and 9th of October) in conjunction with Parkinson’s Victoria “27 for Parkinson's” VR walkathon. The event is to be held at all FRV Fire stations and work from home locations under COVID-19 safe protocols.

With your support, Parkinson’s Victoria can continue to provide information, education and peer support services when it’s needed most to people with Parkinson’s, family members, carers and health care professionals.

Please support the Firefighters Challenge by donating to the fundraising page. Any help is greatly appreciated.

FRV 48 hour Parkinson's Challenge has 7 supporters