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Lona Horsburgh

I'm walking for my husband Rob who was diagnosed 7 years ao

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I am walking 27 times in 27 days this October to support people with Parkinson’s to lead full and active lives. Please help raise funds and/or join in the walk.

With your support, Parkinson’s Victoria can continue to provide information, education and peer support services when it’s needed most to people with Parkinson’s, family members, carers and health care professionals.

Please support my walk by donating to my fundraising page. Any help is greatly appreciated.


My Updates

27 Oct 2020

Day 27 and our last day of this challenge. We walked 4km today around the streets and along the part of walking track. We have achieved more than what we could have hoped, by raising lots of money and also Rob totalled 102.5 km on the journey of 27 days. It has been most rewarding for us, both physically and mentally. So proud of what we have done. We will continue to do our daily walk.

26 Oct 2020

Day 26 walked in very windy conditions again today, but no rain as yet. Walked 4.3km along part of walking track and around the streets, trying to get a tail wind, rather than walking into it. One more day of our challenge and it has been a most rewarding time for both of us.

25 Oct 2020

Day 25 was a very windy walk between showers. It is also very cold so conditions were not ideal. Had busy morning so had to do our walk after lunch which is also not ideal but we managed and got through ok. Managed 3km today and cannot believe there are only 2 days left. Our fundraising has been amazing and so appreciative of all the support we have had. A huge thank you.

24 Oct 2020

Day 24 saw us take a couple of smaller walks trying to avoid the wind and rain. Overall did 3.1km over a much longer period but at least we still got out there.

23 Oct 2020

Day 23 saw us take little Jack for a walk around the streets of Bordertown for 2.3 km . It was over cast but very humid. Nice to be able to have a little walk and look at all the gorgeous gardens with roses just stunning everywhere. Out of iso.

22 Oct 2020

Day 22 saw Rob walk several times around our daughters new house, which has a nice flat concrete path all around. Managed 3.3km today as in iso which is tremendous effort. Had Jack to help Gramps.

21 Oct 2020

Day 21 saw us go for shorter walk today around the streets early. What a difference a day makes as it is a heavy fog this morning and about 7! Off with our paperwork to cross the border today to see our youngest daughter and family.

20 Oct 2020

Day 20 WOW! We walked in brilliant sunshine this morning. It was such a nice walk - 3.2km this morning passed the school to see the children running around the block and enjoying being outside in the sun. Hard to believe it is only a week to go. We are just overjoyed to see the response and the amount of money raised so far ($10,476) from our wonderful team. Thank you

19 Oct 2020

Day 19 saw Rob do 4.7km which was great effort. Overcast but nice enough to walk today, but does look like rain is approaching. Visiting sporting venues today around town.

18 Oct 2020

Day 18 walked 3.8km today around the streets today. Overcast and no wind today so that was a bonus. Found some friendly locals to chat to along the way, as it helps so much with your mental attitude. Hard to believe only 9 days left.

17 Oct 2020

Day 17 saw Rob walk 3.4 km today between the showers. Bit windy which doesnt help with balance, but enjoyable none the less. Still having fun with only 10 days to go.

16 Oct 2020

Day 16 was a little disorganised for us. I could not walk today as had prior appointment and Rob's pedometer failed to register. He assures me he walked at least 3 km today. I just dont have the proof, but we will trust him. Back on track tomorrow I hope.

15 Oct 2020

Day 15 today saw grey skies and warm, humid conditions. Rain on the way. Walked to the golf course and back and chatted to some local people along the way. Walked 3.9km today.

14 Oct 2020

Day 14, we are at half way mark and walked 4.4km today to the golf club and back home, on a beautiful spring morning. Meeting with the other team members this morning for a cuppa and chat. It will be great to see the others.

13 Oct 2020

Day 13 saw a fairly brisk walk for 3.6 km today around the streets. It was very nice again walking as no wind and overcast. Rob looking forward to a massage today after all his hard work. Almost half way and have managed 52.3km for 13 days so far. 14 to go.

12 Oct 2020

Day 12 we walked 4.5km today around town. It was very good walking conditions today and saw a few other walkers and kids off to school. Things are starting to get back to some sort of "normal" for us.

11 Oct 2020

Day 11 saw us having a leisurely stroll around town and talking to as many people as we could in our matching purple shirts and masks. Trying to educate and bring awareness to PD. Walked 3km today in very mild conditions.

10 Oct 2020

Day 10 we walked 3.6km today in beautiful sunshine. Such a gorgeous day after all the rain and everything is looking fresh and revitalised. Walked around boundary and along a few streets. Capeweed is out everywhere today.

09 Oct 2020

Day 9 we walked 3.9km today mainly around the creek area to see if there has been much damage after receiving 58mls over past two days. Flood warnings were issued last night but looks like minimal damage and hope that no buildings were impacted. Creek is very high and running fast.

08 Oct 2020

Day 8 saw windy wet conditions. We tried to go for our walk between showers but the weather was not that kind today. Walked 3.8km around the streets close to home in case we needed to make a dash.

07 Oct 2020

Day 7 we walked 3.2km today as the weather was a little cold, overcast and light drizzle. Walked along a few streets and along past the bowling club, playground, and skate park precinct.

06 Oct 2020

Day 6 saw us walking in cooler weather at 5 degrees but the sun was popping through and made it very pleasant today. Walked 3.5 km today passed old railway station and old butter factory and along several streets to enjoy the beautiful gardens.

05 Oct 2020

Day 5 was a great walk today doing 6.5km after the beautiful rain last night. Just walked around blocks and took few photos to post. Very happy with effort today and the exceptional amount our team has raised so far.

04 Oct 2020

Day 4 - our walk was very good today with overcast skies around boundary and along the main street of the town. Managed 5 km today which was super.
Today we are honouring two special men who lived with Parkinsons with so much dignity. They are no longer with us and missed every day - Craig Miller and Ian Bell

03 Oct 2020

Day 3 walked 3.7km again today but had to deal with fairly strong winds which doesn't help with balance. Walked passed our Mechanics Hall, RSL and around the footy oval and along walking track again. Had to stop for several chats along the way today as there were a few people out enjoying the weather.

02 Oct 2020

Day 2 walked 3.7 in the sunshine and it felt so good. Walked passed the local churches and around the boundary of our town.

01 Oct 2020

Day 1 - walked 3.5km in beautiful sunshine along the walking track near the creek and passed the Coleraine Primary School.

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