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David Rendell

I am running for me so I can keep moving better for longer, and at the same time raise money for Parkinson's Victoria

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I am running with my dogs "Polly" & "Sable", 27 times in 27 days this October to support people with Parkinson’s to lead full and active lives.

Now that Parkrun is in recess this is just the motivation I need to keep running regularly. I hope to run at least 50 km in October. With your support, Parkinson’s Victoria can continue to provide information, education and peer support services when it’s needed most to people with Parkinson’s, family members, carers and health care professionals.

Please support my running and donate to my fundraising page. Any help is greatly appreciated.


My Updates

27 Oct 2020

For last run of this event I ran 2.5 km tonight round block with Poly & Sable by ourselves in true Covit style. Big thanks to Sue for taking the photos for these posts and her great encouragement
I have run 27 times for a total 70.6 km, well above 50km goal. Played 211 holes of golf, pushing buggy nearly 100km.

BIg thanks to Rob's Gang & all supporters of this event for raising impressive funds for Parkinsons Vic and motivating me to get off the couch so I move better for longer.

26 Oct 2020

Second last day of the 2020 "27 for Parkinson's Event". Started day with a 2.7 km run round Port Fairy's scenic Moyne River Harbour and East Beach with Poly & Sable. This brings the total for my 26 runs to 68.1 km . Back home to Hamilton and played 9 holes of golf with Covit lockdown buddy Bill Hendry at Parkland Lot less wind and more familiar course managed to play a lot better than yesterdays challenging golf at Port Fairy. Todays total steps were 17,628.

25 Oct 2020

Sunday : Started day playing 18 holes with Andrew Patterson at Port Fairys Links Course Amazing view and sounds of Southern Ocean waves . Serious wind blowing of the ocean made it quite challenging to even stand at times! This takes my total golf holes over 200 for the month Later with encouragment of Polly & Sable went for late aftenoon run for 2 .5 km along East Beach. That took my no of steps for the day over 20,000 and for October so far over 330,000 .

24 Oct 2020

Down at Port Fairy for weekend with Sue. Alas tide to high to run along beach this morning . Ran along road adjacent to beach and back along Moyne River. 2.8 km at less than 6 mins/km not to bad as had to stop a few times. Saturday members only at Port Fairy Golf Course so no golf today.Relaxing walk around Port to get steps above 10,000 met a few previous clients up for a chat. Looking forward to watching Cats win the big one tonight . Only 3 days to go!!!!

23 Oct 2020

Rain over night but a sunny morning to go for a run with Poly and Sable. We went for 3 km at 5:53 pace, I played (not so well) a 9 hole stableford competition at Parklands.
Son Oscar found out today he passed his recent final orthonpeadic surgeon exams.
Total of 23 runs is 61 km and 184 holes of golf where I have pushed golf buggy for 88 kms. Total steps is 299 ,414 a daily average of 13,014!!

22 Oct 2020

Polly & Sable as keen as ever for the round the block run, tho bit confused by stopping & running past phone a 2nd time to get photo !! Ran 3.0 km at 5.44mins/km pace not quite as good yesterday but there was a brisk head head wind on the up hill sections. In any event if I am to keep running need to be avoid going too hard . Played 4 holes of Parklands with 4 balls for practice
Total running in October is 58 km over 22 runs , 175 holes of golf

21 Oct 2020

Started day with 2.3 laps around block with Polly and Sable 3.0 km in 5.31mins/km pace & pulled up well Pretty happy with that . Dropped out to visit vet collegue Karen King a brave cancer survivor. Karen shares it with thoroughly spoilt cows and terriers. Truly magnificent scenic retreat 15 km NE of Dunkeld in the foot of the Grampians. Immaculate garden. Back home for fortnightly Sheep Medicine College Zoom Study group I am mentoring So no golf today

20 Oct 2020

Polly & Sable pleased I came back as they sure love the run. We ran 3 km round block 2.3 X at 5:53 mins/km. Not as fast as yesterday when had Tristan pacing me. Mowed lawns. Attended weekly PD group exercise class for a strenous hour, which is keeping me running. Blown away by the support we have received so far.
A week to go & I have run 52 km (already passed my original goal of 50 km ). Played 171 holes of golf where pushed buggy for 81 km . All up my total steps is 247,411

19 Oct 2020

Today I drove to Ballarat to run with our son Tristan and his dog Fred. Picture is a “selfie” taken while running 3.2km. Glitch meant only recorded run on way back,1.6 km @ 5.0 mins/km (Best pace so far!!)
After lunch we played 9 holes at Ballarat golf club's manicured greens, a contrast to Hamilton Parkland's sand scrapes. Alas ran (1.8km) back & forth to find where I left a golf iron!! A total of 17,120 steps for the day & 4 hours driving. Tiring but great to spend day with Tristan.

18 Oct 2020

Started morning with 2.4 laps with Polly & Sable around block 3.01 km @ 5:41and felt good when I pulled up. Played the front 9 holes at Parklands with John Northcotte 2nd time this month a fellow PD traveller and handy golfer. First went to his Merino property in 1979 as a vet
Total for October running 44km over 18 runs, 162 holes of golf where pushed buggy for 77 km and total steps for October 218,282

18 Oct 2020

Day 17 Started day completing "The Age"code word with Sue . A shorter run with Poly & Sable of 1.5 km run (at 5:46 mins/km). Played 18 holes of golf in afternoon, a 4BBB Stableford pairs comp' at Parklands in windy conditions with Mitch Miller. We came 2nd thanks largely to Mitch!! Got very excited watching Cats eventually beat Brisbane.
Total of 41 km over 17 runs , 153 holes of golf where pushed golf buggy ~72. Both included in the grand total of 206,414 steps for October

16 Oct 2020

Ran round block 2.3 times with Poly & Sable 3km at 6:02 mins per Km Not to bad consisdering blustery head wind when going up Hill on Nth .
Played 9 holes of Golf 14 Stableford points Then visit to dentist
in total 14,445 steps

15 Oct 2020

Went for early morning climb of Mt Napier with Andrew Whale and his wife Rachel. Andrew is former Vet partner with whom I started Livestock Logic. In all time of have been in Hamiton first time been to the very scenic and tranquill Mt Napier, home to goats that could skit along he steep rocky craters edge , wallabies and big grey kangaroos

No golf today quiet day in office with a total of 7240 steps that included climbing the highest point on the western plains.

14 Oct 2020

Ran round block once with Polly & Sable. Exercise Physio suggested I take today easier but once I get running hard to go slow 5:40 mins/km Caught up with Rob Horsburgh for coffee thought I was keen he is a great ambassador for Parkinsons. Played 12 holes of golf and finisihed day with celebratory dinner for Alison (Sue's mum) birthday Covid style just the 3 of us.
Total running 35.5 km over 14 runs. 126 holes of golf (61 km) included in total of 184,731 steps for Oct!!

13 Oct 2020

Started day with 2+ laps round block with forever keen Poly & Sable (3km at 5:51 min/km V02 crept up to 45!!) Sue took photo before going to work office after nearly 9 mths of working from home Played 9 holes of golf with Covid lock down buddy, Bill Hendry, as alway quietely encouraging of me. An hour of excersise class & some gardening for a daily total of 14.450 steps. Will sleep well tonight.
Nearly half way: 13 runs for total of 34 km, 114 holes of golf (56km) and total of 170,480 steps

12 Oct 2020

12th Day running total 31 km (12 runs) 105 holes of golf (51 km) and 156.,117 steps

12 Oct 2020

Great weather again for 2 and a bit laps round block (3 Km ) with Polly & Sable at 6.02 mins/km Pulled up better than yesterday . Played 9 holes of golf with Paddy Hannerman a vet in my former practice. Vet yarns better than my golf !!Good vet yarns

11 Oct 2020

Sunday day 11 Ran round block with Poly & Sable twice & a bit to make it 3 km. I took it a bit easier (6.02 mins/km) as had big day yesterday. Big shout to our generous supporters as "Rob's Team" currently 2nd highest fund raising team !!!
Played by myself holes 1, 2 & 9 with 4 balls. Amazing how much better I played without pressure of a comp & after sunny day had dried the course heaps
Total for 11 days
11 runs is 28Km
96 Holes of golf (47km)
12,703 average daily steps

11 Oct 2020

Photo is me heading of from home with Poly & Sable running roud the block (1.5 km at 5:30 pace) Branch in foregroound is tree Tristan & Alice gave to me is flowering . Straight after run went with Sue and her mother Alison to the Wannon & Niigreeta Water falls in full flow Played (or rather hacked) 18 holes of golf at Parkland Watched Cats overun Collingwood.
17,123 steps no wunder tired
Total for 10 days : 10 runs is 25km
93 holes of golf (44km)
12,764 avg daily steps

09 Oct 2020

Ran round block once with a detour,1.8 km at under 6 mins per km except the bit stopped and caught up with John Graham retired ex PVI. He took the photo,did a couple of loops to get picture right !!! (Kept Covid safe)
Played 9 hole stabelford comp at Parklands in afternoon on a very damp track . Putting was woeful. Hit "longest straight drive prize on 9th, gets me back tommorrow
Total in Oct : 9 runs is 23.5 km
75 holes of golf (35km)
12,280 average daily steps

08 Oct 2020

Rain cleared breifly this morning to enable Poly, Sable and I to complete runnning round the block twice 2.7 km at 5:39 mins/km Close to my best precovit pace !!! And my VO2 max crept up from 43 to 44 Benefit of daily running combined with daily exercise programe monitored weekly by excercise physiolgist Sophie Arkun
Alas constant rain all day made golf impossiblel
Total: 8 runs is 21.7 km
66 holes of golf ( 31 km )
12 200 steps daily average

08 Oct 2020

Wed 7th I ran twice round block with Poly & Sable 2.7 km @6.02 mins/km A little slower perhaps distracted by finding 2 plover chicks drowned overnight on cusp of flying. Laid eggs in our garden over 2 months ago. Very sad.
Great milk shake at Tosca's catching up with 3 other movers and shakers in Rob's team Blown away with level of $ donated so far.
Played Stableford Golf comp at Parklands in afternoon Came 3rd!!!!
Total : 7 runs is 19 km
66 holes of Golf (31km)

06 Oct 2020

Ran round the block twice (2.7km) this morning with Poly and Sable. 5 mins 50 secs per km!!! Played 9 holes of golf this morning with Bill Hendry we have played regularly together this year. He has been a marvellous encourager. The golf may be frustating none the less it has kept me sane during Covit. Dropped into Dorahys ram sale at Nareen. Fantastic bouyant sale . Got back in time for Exercise Physio session
Total: Running 16.3 km
Golf 4 x 9 , & 1 x18 holes ( 25 Km)

05 Oct 2020

Today ran around block twice with Poly and Sable (2.8 Km in 6.02 mins per km !!) Went to Kealy family ram sale in Edenhope today, very impressed with presentation of rams and sale area. Played 9 holes of golf at Harrow Golf Club on way home with "Zog Grigg" I have played at least 9 holes of golf every day in October so far!! I thought would make interesting challenge, to continue golf each day, as well as run 27 times in Oct for total of at least 50 km. What do you think????

04 Oct 2020

Ran 3.2 km today twice round block . I ducked down Kent Road where Sue wa visiting her mum so she could tale this photo. Played 9 holes with fellow mover and shaker ( i.e also living with PD) John Northcott. John is a retired farmer from Merino. He his standing for Glenelg Shire Counicil. Last 4 days have had open gate to just after sunrise and let out 3 x 2 week old plover chicks with their parents. And at night open gate to let them back in !!!!
Running total 10 .7 km

03 Oct 2020

I ran round the block twice this morning (2.76 km.) at 6 mins /km!!! Poly and Sable came with me they get super excited as soon as I put on my running gear. Played 18 holes of golf in the afternoon Tally for first 3 days is 7.1km running and 27 holes of golf (15km pushing a golf buggy ) So on track to run at least 50 km in 27 days !!!!! Total of 27 holes of golf

02 Oct 2020

Today Peter Schroeder and Rick Purvis ( both fellow PD travellers) came on on board and signed up. They are both regjular bike riders . Peter is a retired agronomist with a national reputation . RIck is an active farmer of some note from Moralla .

I completed a single round the block run of 1.3 km (at just under 6mins per km speed) with Polly and Sable for company . Also played 9 holes of golf (tough life) at Parkland Hamilton (4.5km walk ) in supurb spring weather

01 Oct 2020

Day 1 :
Completed 4.01 Km run aound the scenic Lake Hamilton in 26 mins including a toilet stop for "Polly" and totalled 14 ,100 steps for the day. Our team "Rob"s gang have so far raised a staggering $2034 BIg thanks to our generous supporters . Alas watched my beloved the Geellong cats kick them selves out of the game tonight.

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