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Registering a team

Gather family, friends and work colleagues together in a team – it’s a great way to show your united support for people living with Parkinson’s. Your team can support each other online and fundraise together, it’s easy!

Make sure you promote your team page, and request support by sharing your page URL through personal emails and on social media.  Make sure to let everyone know why you’re fundraising and how each donation will help support people with Parkinson’s.

Register a team

How to join an existing team

If you haven't registered yet, you can choose to join a team when you're setting up your fundraising page.

Register Now

If you've already signed up for a walk:

  1. Log in to view your account dashboard
  2. Within your fundraising page information, under 'Your Team' you can find a team to join.
  3. Search for your team and click 'Join'

Handy hint:  If you can’t find your team, reach out to your team leader to ensure that they have created their team page!