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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What do I have to do?

Aim to walk 27 times in 27 days. If you miss a day, you can make it up another day, between 1 and 27 October.

Walk for as long or little as you want, at home, in your backyard or around your local neighbourhood and fundraise along the way.

When does the event start?

The event will begin on 1 October and run for 27 days through to 27 October, 2020.

How do I register?

Registration is easy, quick and free!

You can enter on your own, create a team or join a team. You can also register for others when you sign up. 

Click here to register now.  

If you're unsure how to register, check out this short video that takes you through the registration process Click to watch video  

Will COVID-19 affect the event going ahead?

No, 27forParkinson’s is a virtual challenge that can be completed on your own. You can complete your walks safely at home, in your own backyard or in your local neighbourhood.

Please respect your local guidelines regarding social distancing and hygiene measures. For current information on your local restriction levels and advice, click here to visit the Australian Government Department of Health website. For information specific to Victoria, please click here.

How do I create or join a team?

You can create or join a pre-existing team when registering, or at any time during the event.

If you haven't registered yet, register now.

If you have already signed up, you can still create or join a team. Simply:

  1. Log  in to your account dashboard  
  2. Click "Create or join a team"
  3. Search for your team and click "Join team", or create a new team
How do I record my walks?

It’s up to you! You can use our printable calendar to record each walk or record it on your own calendar/diary.

We encourage you to share your walks and your participation in 27forParkinson’s with your networks and on social media using #27forParkinsons. You could post a photo or video of each walk to share with your friends as well as in the 27forParkinson’s Facebook Group.

How do I join the 27forParkinson’s Facebook Group?

This Facebook Group has been created just for you! It’s a place where the Parkinson’s Victoria community can come together and support each other throughout the 27forParkinson’s challenge. Share your walks, celebrate your achievements, encourage your team members to get walking and be part of this awesome community. Click here to join.

How do I start fundraising?

A fundraising page will be automatically set up for you when you register.

Upload a profile picture and tell your story - Why are you fundraising for Parkinson’s Victoria? Who are you supporting or who are you walking for?

Ask your family, friends and colleagues to sponsor you by sharing your fundraising page with your personal networks and on social media.

We have a lot of resources to help make this easy for you - check them out here

Where does the money I raise go?

Vital fundraising events such as 27forParkinson’s are more important than ever to raise funds to provide enhanced levels of support for those living with Parkinson’s during these challenging times.

All funds raised will go toward supporting people living with Parkinson’s.

  • $27 raised provides 3 people living with Parkinson’s an individual information kit when they are recently diagnosed
  • $70 raised provides 1 person living with Parkinson’s to receive individual planning and support from our multi-disciplined health team
  • $125 raised allows 1 person living young with Parkinson’s to access online education
  • $200 allows 1 person to participate in the online Living Well with Parkinson's Series
  • $540 establishes 2 Peer Support Group Online Networking Groups
I shared my page on Facebook and created a Facebook Donate Button. Why can’t I see my donations?

Facebook donations are handled by a third party, and unfortunately, we are unable to sync these donations with your personal 27forParkinson’s fundraising page.

We advise that you don’t use the Facebook Donate button so your donations can be linked to your fundraising page and the event. Please utilise the Event Platform for all your fundraising.

If you have already set-up a fundraising post with a Facebook Donate button, we recommend that you:

  1. Delete the post, as this is the only way to remove the Facebook Donate button
  2. Create a new Facebook post and only share the link to your fundraising page, without adding the 'Donate' button   
Where do I go for support?

If you need any assistance with regard to your participation in 27forParkinson's, please contact the team at Parkinson's Victoria via phone (03) 8809 0400 or email info@parkinsons-vic.org