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Parkinson's Victoria

About Parkinson's Victoria

Parkinson’s Victoria raises awareness and funds for services and research that improves the quality of life for 27,000 people living with Parkinson’s in Victoria.

Every day, through our multi-disciplinary health team, we provide information, education, advice and peer support services to improve the life of the Parkinson’s community.

Our support extends to those living with Parkinson’s, their families and carers, peer support groups and health care professionals.

Parkinson’s Victoria is a not-for-profit, member based organisation operating in Victoria. We work with like-minded organisations nationally and internationally to ensure people living with Parkinson’s can lead full lives and pursue a cure.

The Parkinson’s Victoria services and programs are supported by the State Government of Victoria. We heavily rely on fundraising and generous donations from our community to continue and grow our delivery of education, information and peer support services across the state and fund vital research.

All funds raised through 27forParkinson's will go toward supporting people living with Parkinson’s.

  • $27 raised provides 3 people living with Parkinson’s an individual information kit when they are recently diagnosed
  • $70 raised provides 1 person living with Parkinson’s to receive individual planning and support from our multi-disciplined health team
  • $125 raised allows 1 person living young with Parkinson’s to access online education
  • $200 allows 1 person to participate in the online Living Well with Parkinson's Series
  • $540 establishes 2 Peer Support Group Online Networking Groups

For further information about our organisation, please visit www.parkinsonsvic.org.au/