The power of teamwork

Something incredible happens when team members work together. When everyone is invested in your A Walk in the Park team, fundraising is easier and the day itself becomes a celebration of your team’s connection to the Parkinson’s community.

You are also sharing in the rewards!

Each $25 contributed to the team fundraising total will go towards a commemorative, 10th Anniversary A Walk in the Park 2018 t-shirt for team members, even for those who have not fundraised.

Whether you’d like to become a team leader, or join an existing team, we’ve made it as easy as possible. Keep scrolling down to find out how, and if you have any questions along the way, feel free to contact us.


Team Top 10

Here’s what the Top 1o teams are already achieving!
Scroll down to find out how to start or join a team for this fabulous event!


How to become a team leader

  1. Once you’ve agreed to be a team leader, register for A Walk in the Park 2018 or login to your individual supporter page, and click on the ‘Create team’ link on the right hand side of your page
  2. Insert your team name in the window, and click on ‘Create team’

  3. You will be taken to your new team page.


How to invite people to join your team

  1. To invite team members to your team from your team page, click on ‘Invite Members’.
  2. A pop-up window will appear allowing you to enter the email addresses, separated by commas, of those you wish to invite to your team page. You can personalise your request by adding a message to the invitation. To complete the process click on ‘Invite Members’.

  3. A message will appear confirming your invitations have been successfully sent by email.

  4. People you invite to your team will receive an email containing a link to complete their registration to A Walk in the Park and join your team. People must register for A Walk in the Park and activate their supporter page (even if they chose not to fundraise) to be seen as team members. Participants who do not activate their supporter page (or are under 16 and have not signed the waiver) will not appear on your team page.

How to personalise your team page

  1. Once on your team page, you will need to ensure that everything is completed before you start sharing it. To do this, click ‘Edit this team page’ and make sure you:
  • Set a team page donation goal  
  • Edit your team story
  • Set the team page profile photo


How to promote your team page

To help boost the fundraising success of your team, be sure to promote your team page, and request support, by sharing your page URL via personal emails and on social media. Make sure you let everyone know why you’re fundraising and how each donation will help support people with Parkinson’s.


How to join an existing team

If you want to join an existing team:

  1. Click on ‘Join an existing team’
  2. Search for the team you wish to join

  3. Click the ‘Join this team’ button

Need help?

If you have any questions or need help to join or create a team, simply contact us.